It was fun...

...but the time has come to give this blog a rest. I don't know if this will be a permanent exit or not. I'm still dabbling in lolita and I will still check in very frequently so I can follow other blogs that I've favorited with this account. The giveaway is still ongoing and active - however, I've also listed it on my main blog. I'd rather not link to it here because it's rather personal as it focuses on my eating disorder.

Thanks to the few of you who have read and commented on my entries! It meant so much to me. I'll come back here one more time to announce the winner of the giveaway. It ends on August 1st, 2010. <:


First Giveaway

This post is dedicated to my very first giveaway! I have no followers yet and I bet I have little to no views... so instead of closing it on a specific day I will end it when I receive ten unique entries. There will be two prize sets given. (:

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If you are the winner you may earn an extra two entries in a future giveaway by taking a picture of yourself with your prize. Each participant may have up to five entries. International entries are accepted!

I really enjoy the Gatsby / Mandom line of products. I use a variety their items: hair, face, body, and even feet! This giveaway package will focus on some of their hair and face items that I have used and enjoyed.

^ Gatsby - $20USD - Silver Dye
As show in the pictures below, this is meant to be a lightening product instead of an actual hair dye. It has different affects on different shades of hair. Of course, the product was designed to work with medium to dark hair. On the package it is described as part of the "natural bleach and color series."

This is an example of what someone with very dark brown to black hair can expect to see after using the product.

This is what it would look like on someone with very, very light blond hair (or on hair that has been bleached before applying the dye.)

^ Gatsby - $18USD each - Hair Styling Wax (Moving Rubber)
A set of three products from their wax series will be given: Air Rise, Spiky Edge, and Technical Design Clay. I tried to include a variety that can be used to create different styles. These are great for keeping bangs in place, especially since it can easily be restyled without flaking or making your hair appear stiff.

^ Gatsby - $8USD - Facial Powder Sheet

These are a life saver. I keep them with me wherever I go. Just blot your face with the paper and it will get rid of any excess oil. This helps to gets rid of extra shine on your face. These are even okay to use with makeup! (Make sure you dab instead of wipe.)

^ Gatsby - $12USD - Oil Clear Wet Paper
This is nice to use after going to the gym, before bed, or any time you want that clean and fresh feeling. This can't be used over makeup. It gets rid of all the excess oil, sweat, and dirt on your skin easily.

^ Gatsby - $10USD+ - Mystery Item
I will include one related mystery item with a value of at least $10USD in each of my giveaways.

Seven items with a total value of around $90USD. I wanted my first giveaway to be an interesting one. These are all Japanese products, but they have a sticker with English instructions on the back. Good luck to everyone who enters! Winners will be chosen via random.org. Please remember to include your e-mail so I can contact you if you are the winner. <:


My First Purchase

Originally this first post simply said: "I'm just here to subscribe to blogs and look around. <:" That used to be true, but now that I have seen so many wonderful examples of the written word I feel inspired to create my own! I will try to dedicate myself to updating as often as possible (probably once or twice a week.) I am starting my journey into the beautiful world of lolita. Although I still have much to learn, I am fascinated by what I have discovered so far.

This blog will be lolita oriented. As I become more knowledgeable I hope to include reviews about things such as: books, movies, clothes, make-up, contacts, and more! I would also like to eventually move into giveaways but I need to begin my collection first. (: I made my first purchases from BodyLine (http://www.bodyline.co.jp) last night. My budget was very limited but I tried to put together a nice outfit. I plan to wear it for the first time at Anime Expo (http://www.anime-expo.org). I don't think it's the best, but I was trying to find something that looked like a costume at the time. I am still very anxious about wearing lolita in public. I think making my first order with the idea that it was "just a costume" gave me the courage to go through with it.

^ BodyLine JSK - $50USD - Light Blue
I already have some pearl jewelry and accessories, so this seemed like a good choice! I liked the light blue the best. It is available in pink, blue, white and black. I plan to wear it with the jacket the entire time since I couldn't afford a nice blouse to pair it with.

^ BodyLine Bloomers - $19 - White
This will be an essential for most outfits so I think it was a good investment, even for a first time buyer like me. This style was available in white and pink.

^ BodyLine Shoes - $19USD - Light Blue
I don't like bigger heels so these shoes really stood out to me. I'm worried that I will end up with two different hues of blue, but it's okay. If I like them (and they last) I can find something else to pair them with! These are available in a ton of colors: black, white, pink, light blue, and red. I have heard that BodyLine shoes vary in size so I hope that these are a decent fit for me.

^ Bodyline Pannier - $31USD - White
I struggled with this for a few days. It was the single item that delayed my entire purchase! I tried to find as much information about panniers as I could before making my decision. I know this is another item that I will be able to get a lot of use out of so I wanted to take my time. This style was available in white and black, but I think the white will be more versatile for me. If it's not poofy enough I have another pannier that I can layer it with so I think it should work just fine. Again, I am worried that all of the whites will be different shades! ):

^ BodyLine Socks - $6USD - White
I was torn between getting striped socks or this style. In the end I decided to go with these just because they were $3USD cheaper. What a silly thing to base a decision on! I hope that it turns out to be the right one.

^ BodyLine Accessory - $1 USD - Light Blue
I already have pearl earrings in a similar style, but these were too cute to pass up. They were only a dollar so I decided to get them. Unfortunately I know I will only be able to wear them for a few hours since I am allergic to "cheap jewelry." (I can only wear sterling silver or 14k+ gold or else my ears start to itch, swell, and turn red. I think the allergy is because of the nickel used in other metals? If I take them out after a few hours I generally don't have a reaction.)

I plan to take pictures of every outfit, whether I like out it turned out or not. This way I can look back on my choices and use them for reference. Maybe it will also help someone else out when they're making a tough decision. (: In total my first outfit cost: $126 + $20 shipping for $146USD total. I had saved up $200USD to use for my first purchase and I'm happy to have a little money leftover. I think I will use it at local shops to buy matching accessories once I can actually see the fabric in person.